Wedding traditions of Korea. Korean wedding
As in any Eastern country, in Korea, a wedding is one of the most significant events in the life of a Korean or Koreans. This has its good reason. As…

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North Korea declared war on South Korea - the First channel
Home international news North Korea announced the entry into a state of war with South Korea, and, as stated by the North Korean leadership, ready to strike at the slightest…

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National culinary tradition of Japan

Culinary traditions of different Nations rarely not at all comparable with the peoples of neighbouring countries. To this rare exception is Japanese cooking, which significantly differs not only from European but also from the traditions of neighboring Asian Nations. The Foundation of cooking is the respect to the original view of the products and high demands for quality.

Origins of cultural traditions historians consider laying on the altars of the kami of the best gifts of the seas, fields and mountains while maintaining its poetic relationship to the products in the form of gifts of nature. The emergence of the concept of dishes related to rice cultivation and the name gohan means food, and transformed into the modern concept of cooked rice. Historically gohan was limited to the equivalent of bread and served as a basis to prepare the condiments, beverages and confectionery. These include sake or rice vodka, Shochu as moonshine and mirin or sweet sake. Rice is the base for cooking the sauce, pasta and bukusu or beer. The peculiarity of cooking rice is the observance of the canons in the absence of salt, spices, oil and clean product type in a defined proportion with water.

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Which finger to wear engagement ring

This simple decoration was worn on the bride during the wedding ceremony and meant that now she belongs to her husband, and he must protect it. The first such decoration, was found by his contemporaries, belong to the era of the old Kingdom. Representatives of the male, judging by the studies of archeologists, started to carry similar attributes of marriage only after one and a half thousand years.

Coming from time immemorial the symbol

The first engagement ring. made in the usual form, appeared in the III – IV centuries, and since then it is known to every piece of jewelry conquers the territory of almost all countries of the World. But, in spite of the apparent universality of this indispensable attribute of the family, the tradition of wearing not the same in representatives of different cultures and religions.

Even the ancient Egyptians wore wedding rings on traditional for most of our contemporaries the ring finger. And the reason was not convenience of this particular area of the body, and its anatomical features. The fact that through this finger goes “vena amoris” (artery of love), is able, according to the Egyptians, to be imbued with positive energy the main symbol of family life.

Religious and cultural traditions

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What are the features of racial and national composition of the countries of foreign Asia? Give examples of larger Nations

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what are the characteristics of racial and national composition of the countries of foreign Asia? Give examples of larger Nations

the peculiarity of foreign Asia in that it is dominated by chocks, an example of the numerous Asian people — the Chinese

In Foreign Asia the most significant part of the population belongs to the two great races — Caucasian and Mongoloid, and the number of representatives of each about the same. Mongoloid race is predominant in the Eastern part of the continent — primarily in China and Korea. To the European race prinadlejit a large part of the population living to the West of the Himalayan mountain range. In the region are widely distributed mixed and transitional race. The number of representatives races, which is intermediate between the Mongoloid and Australoid, not inferior to the number of Mongoloids and Caucasoids. The main region of their settlement — South China, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Indonesia Continue reading