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Green Tea and black

Summer is coming, weather is increasingly pleases us with sun and warmth and, therefore, very soon we will be faced with the omnipresent heat. During the heat we lose a lot of liquid, so we’d like to drink. It would seem what the problem is, drank a glass of cold water or lemonade and well. But, not all of us know and understand how it is harmful.

Drinking carbonated beverages only leads to stronger feelings of thirst. In addition, these drinks contains high content of glucose: on average, about seven pieces of sugar 300 ml. So how do you cope with the heat without harm and even with profit to their health? We will tell about it today!

Surely everyone knows that in hot, dry areas of the Sahara and Central Asia the locals drink not cold water, and, oddly enough, hot tea. And they are absolutely right! All because when we drink hot or warm drink, it expands the blood vessels, causing the sweating begins. It means a stronger body begins to release heat, and therefore will not be overheating.

In addition, tea, because of the peculiarities of the chemical composition does not show so many important salts from the body as ordinary water. Namely, due to the loss of salts in the heat, often there is dizziness, weakness, heart palpitations and headaches. Ordinary water, even though supplying H2O in the body, but also enhances the excretion of these salts, which increases thirst and a vicious circle.

Experts recommend to eat in the heat is green tea. Thanks to vitamin P, green tea has a beneficial effect on vessels, improves blood circulation, which is very important in the hot season. Tannin contained in tea, the effect on the mucous membrane of the mouth, humidifying and cooling it. This helps reduce thirst. The feeling of freshness and extraordinary lightness in the heat will give the green tea with mint.

However, you must remember that green tea is harmful for people with diseases of the stomach. So you can only drink it after eating. The Chinese themselves say that on an empty stomach to drink green tea is all the same what to let in the wolf’s house.

Of course, as to escape the heat – everyone decides for himself. Surely many of you have little secrets to help you survive the hot summers. We advise you to resort to using high-quality green tea that will bring not only benefits for the body, but also the pleasure of taste.