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International workers ‘ day (weekend). Day of spring and labor (the new state transcription)

Orthodox calendar

Feast day of Saint Cosmas, the Confessor, Bishop of Chalcedon. Saint Cosmas is an adherent of Orthodoxy. For disobeying the iconoclasts, he was sent to prison. From continuous persecution he was weaker in body, but until his death he kept the Orthodox faith.

Folk tradition the Day of Cosma. Kozma. Kuzma. Day Cosmas beet and carrot.

Start planting various vegetables, “This carrot and beet root at Kuzma”.

Early thunderstorms. Beginning of flowering elm. Zelenina elderberry. Flowering willow-bradina. In the gardens flowering gooseberry, green black currant.

May 1-10 – seeding into the ground: radish, onion Chernushki and other varieties of onion, dill, summer radish: leaf of cabbage, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage, colored; parsnip, celery, rhubarb, spinach, sorrel, poppy, lettuce, asparagus, garlic, carrots, beets, herb. Sowing is doing secretly: “Envious eyes here, a lot of harm”.

From pests and diseases of trees and shrubs sprayed with boron, vegetable infusions and decoctions.

“According to the observations of Voronezh, “fish roach commonly spawns about 1 may. If it stays together only four days and then diverges, it is best to sow earlier, and if it remains together for a week and more, later”.

The calendar of the druids

Born may 1-14 protects the tree mascot JASMINE. This moving, lively, sociable people. They appear serene, but only externally. This is a delicate and sensitive people, prone to melancholy and depression, frustration and prejudice. Compensation to their disappointment they find in the love of children, being themselves all life bare children. Prone to beauty and elegance, which affects their mood. All the ugly, absurd, rude makes them sick. With them it is difficult to maintain smooth relations. Their sophisticated demands often far from everyday life.

Flower horoscope

Born 1 – may 10 patron of Lily of the valley. Women of this talisman need a good defender (preferably a Thistle).

Birthdays: Aksen. Victor. Zinon. Efim. Ivan. Kuzma. The Severian.

* Russia, the Holiday of spring and labor.

* Germany, labour Day.

* USA, loyalty Day.

* USA, children’s Day health.

* USA, Day right

* Kazakhstan, the people’s unity Day of the Republic.

* Lithuania, Mother’s Day.

* Hawaii Lei Day — Hawaiian holiday dance.

* Canada, Saskatchewan, Day of a gopher.

* Korea, Buddha’s birthday.

* France, Lily of the valley Day.

* Ancient Rome, the Kalends of may, the day of the evangelization of the goddess