Valentine's Day. The history of the holiday
This is interesting information for children about the history and traditions of Valentine's day celebration This holiday came to Russia a few years ago. And now Valentine's Day is celebrated…

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Encyclopedia of Tea
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The Mysterious art of Korean medicine

The international community calls the methods of treatment of intractable disease in South Korea (treatment of intractable disease by the methods of traditional Korean medicine) “the mysterious art of Korean medicine”.

Korean medicine has long been widely known to the people of the world. It protects people from disease and treats patients, using resources of Korean medicine, rich in Korea, and original methods of treatment, such as acupuncture, burning, cupping, massage. The researchers-specialists in Korean medicine of the country actively took up the development of new techniques the treatment of intractable disease by inheritance of traditional folk medicine with a long history. They organized a research group, which specializes in the treatment of the patient with the help of cans, systematically improved method of treatment by means of cans, which was used by ancestors, and yet in a new way made the main means of treatment – cans to give the maximum effect. In addition, they managed to make a new intramuscular funds by purchasing useful properties of the plants of his country. Based on this, researchers conducted a concentrated study over 10 diseases, which, they say, with the help of modern medicine cannot cure, and, finally, achieved new successes in the treatment of intractable disease.

New intramuscular means for the treatment of intractable diseases are not only high effect in the treatment of intractable chronic illness but also the absence of side-effects and random symptoms, a special effect in the prevention of aging. Immediately with the advent of this method, he attracts the attention of world medical community. Many countries in Europe in which, supposedly, developed medicine, turned to North Korea with a request to read a lecture on the rapid development of Korean traditional medicine and method of treating intractable diseases.

Doctors and scientists in many countries, such as Austria, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Sweden and Venezuela, admire the development of Korean medicine, especially the end of the study treatment method intractable disease, and Express a desire to learn this medicine.

Especially it should be noted that a high-ranking politician in Austria was miraculously restored to health with the help of the method of treating intractable diseases. Professors, doctors of science of this country, being the witnesses of this wonderful fact, with excitement said that this method is the ideal method of treatment that does not cause patients pain, and invited health workers to North Korea to lecture at the University of his country, to practice and to conduct a joint study.

Thus in the centre of Europe was established by the research Institute of the East, which specializes on the treatment of traditional Korean medicine, and is visited by many people not only from neighbouring countries but also from the UK and Canada. Former Prime Minister of Austria B. Kreisky said medical work Korean doctors helped me in the restoration of health. Before I could not stand on his feet due to intractable disease, but now I’ve even started skiing. About this joy I want to proudly, loudly shout in the face of the world. And many foreign faces, especially a former President of the Portuguese Republic Gomes and Chairman of the pool of news agencies of non-aligned countries, did not hide his surprise mysterious art of Korean medicine.

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