In South Korea elected a new President
South Korea has made a momentous choice – according to preliminary results of counting of votes, the President of the country was 60-year-old Park Geun-Hye of the right of the…

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What are the features of racial and national composition of the countries of foreign Asia? Give examples of larger Nations
Home > about Other cities and countries > What are the characteristics of racial and national composition of the countries of foreign Asia? Give examples of larger Nations what are…

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7 new year’s ideas – a new look at Christmas traditions

The new year’s eve – the best time for experimentation. The combination of your own creativity with knowledge of the Christmas traditions of other countries will create an atmosphere of celebration. A lot of fun and positive emotions guaranteed!

New year English

Tradition: for over two centuries the British traditionally exchange greeting cards – the first Christmas card was printed in London in 1843.

The idea: to hang on the Christmas tree, Laden with toys, cards with humorous wishes. Let each guest will find the card and learns that it will be next year. Wishes can be supplemented with simple tasks: to dance, to tell a verse or to make compliments to all present.

Menu: the menu should include Turkey with chestnuts, roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, meatloaf, and, of course, sweets and fruit.

New year in Italian

Tradition In Italy new year’s eve from the Windows decided to throw away old things in order to free ourselves from everything old. It is believed that thus in the house makes room for new things.

The idea: to organize a group to release old things, after arranging with the janitor, who will then agree to remove them and trying not to injure a passerby.

Menu: On new year’s table necessarily put nuts, lentils and grapes – symbols of longevity, health and prosperity.

New year Indian-file

Tradition: North American Indians greeted the New year with a huge bonfire in a forest glade. They dance in their white robes, their faces painted white, in the hands of the sticks with balls at the ends of the feathers.

Idea: white clothes to replace carnival costumes, bonfire – Christmas tree and make a fiery disco.

Menu: definitely exotic fruits and seafood.

New year in Chinese

Tradition: In China as a gift to the deities for the New year different kinds of burn sacrificial money and “paper horses” – pieces of paper with portraits of gods or honorific inscriptions in their honour.

The idea: to prevent fire burn nothing, better than the standard replace lighting with lots of candles.

Menu: dumplings, noodles, broth from peaches, a dish of five types of vegetables or grains which symbolize five kinds of happiness.

New year in French.

Traditions: the French are in a festive cake baked Bob. The one who will get it, it becomes “king bean”, on Christmas night all obey his orders.

Idea: ask guests to come in costumes and evening gowns and have a ball, selecting not only the king and Queen and their retinue. Given to the guests leaflets with the rules of etiquette and adhere to these rules all night.

Menu: make a delicious menu that is sure to include collectible wines, specialty dessert and dish from the chef.

New year in Hungarian

Tradition: in Hungary In the first second of the New year, residents of the whistle, using baby pipes, horns, whistles.

The idea: to arrange a competition for the most (loud, prolonged, unusual) whistling with the distribution of prizes to the winners.

Menu: the beliefs of the Hungarians some foods possess magical powers, so they must be sure to include in the Christmas dishes. For example, beans and grogh retain the strength of spirit and body, apples – beauty and love, nuts can protect from harm, garlic – from disease, and honey – sweeten life.

New year in Japanese

Traditions: In the first seconds of the New year the Japanese laugh. They believe that laughter will bring them luck in the coming year.

Idea: a night of jokes and funny stories. You can light a match and pass it around the circle. One match goes out, he says something funny.

Menu: to cook long pasta is the symbol of longevity, rice – the symbol of prosperity, beans – the symbol of health; and treat new year’s mochi – balls, cakes, bread made from rice flour.