South Korea

South Korea is a country where a rapidly developing high-tech city with amazing for the Russian ear the names are combined with hamlets and villages, where life repeats the traditional culture of the Republic, where ski resorts are combined with beautiful beaches. Modern cinemas, clubs, Department stores, filled with the latest collections of clothing and novelties. In particular, ancient temples, outdoor markets, and a great pagoda, in which you can breathe the fragrance of morning freshness.

South Korea is gradually becoming one of the top destinations for our travellers. And yet there are not many tourists. So for those of you who are looking for new uncharted territories and directions, you will definitely go in this country.

In winter you can go skiing in Yongpyong or Hyundai-Song, to attend the festival of ice sculptures and snow in the Park Tebeksan. For lovers of summer holidays there are beautiful seaside resorts and beaches. For example, Kepada known national dish “chodan sundubu”. Condonin — often used a filming site of many Korean films. Haeundae, where the colorful festivals, perfect for water sports, Songon. And mild autumn and spring — the best time for a meeting with the historical monuments of South Korea.

In the first place, it is recommended to explore the capital of Seoul. For history lovers there is the oldest Gyeongbokgung Palace of the Joseon dynasty, where and are now tea ceremonies, ceremony of divorce of honor, etc. Among the famous attractions are the national Museum and the Blue house – the center, where the President holds press conferences and official meetings.

Next to the Blue house, in the gorge, a tree that is over 300 years old — the pride of Koreans, and next door you can see the trees that are planted each occupying the presidency, in significant for the people dates. Very picturesque skyscraper Yuksam — he is all covered with gold, and the first of its 63 floors are occupied by a huge Sea World which hosts aquatic shows with marine animals and freshwater. They are about 400 species.

Many beautiful beaches (Haeundae, Kanali), parks (Hale, Kumgang, Chagonda) waiting for tourists in the city of Busan – the sea capital of the country. Fans of the shop, located in Busan shopping Mall Shinsegae Centum City, considered the largest in the world.

In addition to traditional Confucian monuments in the villages of Hahoe and Yandon and is Buddhist. For example, the churches: of Thandaza in Busan, Bulguksa temple, Jikjisa, the oldest tower of the Cheomseongdae in Gyeongju calm, Heins in Daegu (stored in this temple the most complete collection of Buddhist texts in all of East Asia).

Favorite places of tourists are stone Observatory in Gyeongju, Hwaseong fortress and folk village near Suwon.

Definitely try to see tourists and kanghwa island, where among 120 dolmens is the altar of dangun – the founder of the first Korean state of Cocoon and thermal springs “Spavis Asan”, where you can swim in the pool with Jasmine and sauna from yellow clay.

Koreans treat the guests with traditional dishes — soups, seafood, kimchi (pickled and marinated vegetables), fruits, liqueurs and makkori (rice wine).

As Souvenirs the tourists buy ceramics, pearls, wood, embroidery, fans, liqueur and pomace extract, which is very popular here (with him doing candy, chocolate, sell dried, dried or honey).