The Traditions and customs of Northern Cyprus
To feel confident in any situation, it is highly desirable to study the customs of the places with which residents have to communicate. Ignorance of the intricacies of the mentality…

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Wedding traditions - the Wedding of Belarus
For most people is familiar to a large the number of wedding traditions such as the bouquet toss and the cake cutting, before strewing the corn a young couple. And…

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Traditions of the peoples of the world are varied and sometimes surprising. Internet magazine for women

• Svingerstva did not originate in Western Europe, and not even in America. In Australia the tribe of arunta met to share the women.

• And in the Ancient Roman Empire sex spouses were engaged in the presence of witnesses. Roman women visited the sculpture of Prepa – Roman Lord of fertility, which was of wood, and occasionally stone phallus, with a target to have intercourse with the deity.

• At the time of the Cologne carnival in Germany is revered uncle not wrong to offer sexual services of any woman seemed.

• In hot Africa – hot sex!Group sex no novelty there. Of course, it’s all done out of good intentions to get abundant harvest.

• Uncle tribe tupinamba(Brazil)sure that the bigger male organ, the greater the probability to achieve the favor of ladies, because they provoke poisonous vipers to bite them phallus.

• In the tribe Batam(Sumatra)uncle tuck under the foreskin neglub/were very stones and metal pieces, exacerbating the power of the impact member during coitus.

• Japanese and Korean women, trying to strengthen an erection partner, podkalyvayut his groin Golden needle.

• Another unusual tradition in Japan: mother in law young daughter in law teaches the basics of business by sex, so that the newly-minted wife delivered son so much bliss.

• In Japan are unusual festivals: the feast of the phallus and the feast of the vagina. At the first festival participants in costume parade the rod of a giant phallus, and women strive to touch this men’s virtue. On the feast of the vagina there is another inevitable attribute – a huge shell, which symbolizes Babi sexy body.

• In Micronesia to honor the tribe Ponape necessary to stimulate during sex women, exposing them to the bites of the ants special appearance. Allocated by the bite of a substance awakens vivid erotic sensations.

• In the tribe of sironi(Bolivia)in love before, as if to have sex, gather buddy buddy with lice and ticks. Some of the released insects even swallow. Surveys, constructed by scientists have shown that a species of fleas that live on the bodies of natives, includes the substance, awakening unprecedented sexual arousal.

• On the Kamchatka Peninsula to this day there is wont to “put” his wife to a guest, stay the night. If the guest met offered him a “gift”, it is esteemed a sign of special reverence. Because among native Kamchadals owns a lot of wild walleyes and turquoise and honey-blond hair.

• In Mongolia, if a guest were praising the woman of the owner of the tent, the faithful responded with a proposal to “try” her in bed. Excuses were not met!

• In Hawaii, if the young lady, who achieved 18 years of age, engaged in sexual relations, is punished not the adversary, and the parents of the maiden for what APB has brought up his daughter.

• The men of the tribe of Hottentots(half-day Africa)is removed one testicle. Revered that it is the guarantee that the family vvek will not have twins. The tribe thinks that the birth of twins, the anathema of what pret a woeful events of all sort and even the late parents of newborns

• The natives of Australia, among the fighters met at a meeting to touch genitalia friend’s boyfriend. It depicts evidence of the purity of our intentions and the absence of hostility.

• In Libya there is an official permission of men on the sex with a domesticated animal. The main thing – not to break the taboo: if animal advocates on meat, a former partner in any case should not be eating their “lover”, otherwise it won’t get in trouble in Eden.