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Wedding traditions of the peoples of the world

Many of us, finally, having been a guest at the wedding, surprised by the variety of national wedding traditions in Ukraine – all this matchmaking, standing on the towels, masks and much more, from which the most bright event in the life of lovers is truly a family, rich and even more important, because due to the ancient traditions of our ancestors.

But in every country – its wedding traditions. Romantic and strange, they reveal the worldview of a whole nation – his understanding of family, love and life.

Wedding tradition, which is present in almost all cultures – young exchanged wedding gifts. Common wedding traditions of many peoples is that very often such a gift is money. For example, in Bulgaria the groom gives the bride on the wedding bag . the bride and groom – handkerchiefs. In Malaysia, wedding gift from groom to the bride is the tray with food and money hidden in figures of flowers and animals.

Often the groom is obliged to present gifts and the bride’s parents. For example, Fiji, the groom gives the bride’s father a whale tooth . as a symbol of wealth and social status.

There are original and traditional wedding gifts. which bring to the wedding guests – in the same Malaysia each guest is required to give the newlyweds a hard-boiled egg – it is a symbol of wealth.

And in Korea, and the guests themselves – special. Every wedding is sure to “invite” the ducks, as the example of faithfulness – because they create a pair for life.

Wedding outfits in different parts of the world are very different from each other. If Slavs are accustomed to clothe the bride in robes of white, for example, in China the bride dress must be red . in the outfits of Spanish brides have to be an orange element. Samoan dress bridesmaid are made from the bark of the mulberry tree, pearls and flowers . The bride of the Navajo Indian dressed in four-color dress, symbolizing the unity of the world. But in Kenya there is a tradition – in addition to the bride’s wedding dress, her hands and nails are painted with ritual designs, with a permanent paint, not washed for a year and show the world that a woman has married.A must-have accessory of the wedding dress of the bride speaks African necklace made of shells – the symbol of purity and innocence. Shoes Swedish bride must be without clasps – as the symbol of easy delivery. Swedish wife distinguished by the fact that you wear three rings – in a sign of engagement, wedding and another – a symbol of motherhood. Not without fancy headwear brides – Japanese women on the wedding day tie on triangle head scarf – to cover “horns of jealousy”.

But the most interesting and important part of any wedding are the traditional rituals that symbolize the unity of two hearts and their family happiness. Africans Express their feelings, jumping over the broom under the sound of drums. In India, newlyweds are showered with flower petals and twist the coconuts over their heads – is a protection against evil spirits. In Mexico there is a very romantic tradition – before the first dance of the newlyweds, the guests surround them, forming a heart . In addition, during the entire wedding event on the shoulders of the bride and groom draped the lasso tool – a symbol of unity. In Norway, the couple are obliged to plant trees about their doors. But in Bali wedding traditions not being so romantic – during the wedding ceremony the bride and groom lose part of the teeth – they saw off without any anesthesia. This ritual symbolizes the difference of the newlyweds from evil spirits with long tusks.