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Korean salads – cooking secrets for the festive table

Korean salads – with a sophisticated spicy Oriental taste of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, citrus in the first place are swept from the table. Therefore, the harvesting of these popular recipes to give delicious taste and to serve a table, as well as to guarantee the success of the owners and delight visitors. Bright colors and various shapes of the dishes are complemented with traditional dishes and give a special “flavor” festive feast.

Cooking recipes Korean-based wide variety of culinary secrets that can help transform ordinary ordinary vegetables into a true delicacy. Precise technology plus cooking fresh from the garden vegetables and a special copybook used by specialists of the company “Kitchen No. 1” delivering packaged billet in Moscow and any region of Russia. Here you can choose and place an order for a thousand different recipes, and not only for the holiday, but just for lunch or dinner.

A rich selection and unique recipes from chefs from Korea make it a worthy place to showcase restaurants, cafes, eateries, shopping, cooking, catering. Eastern meals are prepared not only with fresh vegetables, carrots, beets, eggplants, cabbage, cucumbers, but also special of marinated, pickled, cooked, frozen and canned products. The composition of the recipes is even fern, and ginger, calamari, mushrooms, fish, meat in Korean.

Hye how to cook beef in Korean?

All recipes appetizers Korean do not count, but the main secret for them – unconventional dressing. Oriental cuisine prefers to use light low-calorie food, so in the recipe does not use heavy mayonnaise and sour cream. And the variety of meals allows again and again to be surprised by the variety and taste to make each table unique for guests and family.

The recipe serves “meat Hye Korean-style” includes such ingredients that are available to buyers and easy to prepare. It’s beef that is marinated in a special way, vinegar, vegetable oil, carrots, spices, garlic, so the set of products is no problem. However, the subtleties of the technology provide for a special approach to the preparation of the salad, adding meat gets its own special taste. Even a few minutes of extra time when marinating and the composition of the marinade significantly affect the taste quality of the finished dish.

“Heh” can be prepared from veal, poultry, lamb, is a versatile snack and not only just a salad;

If the stomach will have plenty of vinegar and pepper with the cooked marinade, then the thin strips of meat is well steamed in a dry frying pan over a high heat;

Onions finely shinkuem and together with greens added to the salad, pour a little vinegar, soy sauce and stir. When preparing the marinade, cut the onion rings and fried separately for makeready and together with the paprika and the crushed cloves of garlic added to the meat;

Vegetable oil must also be heated on high heat until a slight haze and can be poured into the finished dish.

Garnish the dish with tasty pieces of meat and traditional Korean carrots curly parsley is better, but you can use other greens from the garden.

All the details of preparation of formulations in Korean is better to trust the experienced cooks “Kitchen №1” Russia and order a prescription real masters of the culinary traditions of Korea to the holiday event, wedding, party, birthday, anniversary or corporate meeting in the nature.