Valentine’s Day. The history of the holiday

This is interesting information for children about the history and traditions of Valentine’s day celebration

This holiday came to Russia a few years ago. And now Valentine’s Day is celebrated almost as widely and happily as the New year. Valentine — little hearts-cards . sent by regular post, electronic messages and text messages, romantic gifts, declarations of love and endless kisses — here’s what the cost­give this holiday. And wonderful that this holiday is now with us.

It is believed that Valentine’s Day exists more than 16 centuries, but the festival of love known to still earlier pagan times. And in Russia was a lovers ‘ holiday. It was celebrated not in the winter, and in early summer. This holiday was associated with the legendary love story of Peter and Fevronia and dedicated Kupala-Slavic pagan God Perun son.

From the history of the holiday

We have a feast and of a particular “culprit” — the Christian priest Valentine. It was about the year 269. At the time of the Roman Empire rules the Emperor Claudius II. Belligerent Roman army had lots of soldiers for military campaigns. And the Emperor believed that the main enemy of his grandiose military plans — is married legionaries, who think more about how to feed the family than about the glory of the Roman Empire. To keep the army fighting spirit, Claudius II issued a decree banning the legionaries to marry.

But love can’t stop no decrees! Fortunately of legionaries, there was a man who, not fearing the wrath of the Emperor, was secretly marry with their beloved. It was a priest named Valentine from the Roman city of Terni. Perhaps Valentine was the pain­PWM romantic. He not only was married, but she reconciled quarreled, helped them PI­write love letters. At the request of the legionaries gave their beloved flowers and gifts. The Emperor, on hearing this, sentenced the priest to death. Valentin himself was in love with the daughter of the jailer. On the day of execution he wrote his farewell letter and signed it “Your Valentine”. The girl read the letter after execution.

All truth or fiction, but thanks to this story was led to write a Valentine’s Day love notes — Valentines. And in this holiday like to arrange a wedding and get married. It is believed that this will ensure eternal love.

This holiday is very personal. If you want someone to befriend, no matter — with a girl or a boy, but you hesitate to offer your friendship — this day is for you. Write him or her a card with the offer of friendship and your telephone number. Writing a postcard is not necessary. To convey it secretly, quietly. If you call, so you want to be friends, but if not — so no luck.

For their home this day too, you can make full of nice surprises. The day before cut out from paper, preferably red, small hearts. Write on them your wishes and recognition.

For example: “Dear daddy, I love you very much. I like to spend time with you. Come on Sunday go to the zoo”, “Beloved grandmother, you cook the most delicious pancakes! You have Golden hands!”, “mother Dear! You are the most beautiful in the world! And yet you are the most kind and gentle. I love you so much!”, etc.

These Valentines need everyone to discreetly put in your pocket or purse. Or attach to the bathroom mirror. Here you can help your imagination.

You will give your loved ones not only the good wishes, but also good mood for the whole day !

How to celebrate Valentine’s day in other countries.

In Japan the most common gift on this day is chocolate.

It is noteworthy that Japanese men receive more gifts than women. Not only chocolate, but also lotions, wallets and other mens gifts.

In France on Valentine’s Day decided to give jewelry. That’s the kind of generous and passionate French!

In England unmarried girls February 14, get up before sunrise and look out of the window at passers-by. According to legend, the first man, whom they see, and there is narrowing.