Which finger to wear engagement ring

This simple decoration was worn on the bride during the wedding ceremony and meant that now she belongs to her husband, and he must protect it. The first such decoration, was found by his contemporaries, belong to the era of the old Kingdom. Representatives of the male, judging by the studies of archeologists, started to carry similar attributes of marriage only after one and a half thousand years.

Coming from time immemorial the symbol

The first engagement ring. made in the usual form, appeared in the III – IV centuries, and since then it is known to every piece of jewelry conquers the territory of almost all countries of the World. But, in spite of the apparent universality of this indispensable attribute of the family, the tradition of wearing not the same in representatives of different cultures and religions.

Even the ancient Egyptians wore wedding rings on traditional for most of our contemporaries the ring finger. And the reason was not convenience of this particular area of the body, and its anatomical features. The fact that through this finger goes “vena amoris” (artery of love), is able, according to the Egyptians, to be imbued with positive energy the main symbol of family life.

Religious and cultural traditions

In the modern world wear the wedding ring on the ring finger for both left and right hand. Depends on the choice of the limb from the religious affiliations of the owner of a jewelry symbol of marriage.

The ring finger of the right hand is a legitimate choice for engagement rings among Orthodox Christians. The custodians of these traditions are not only citizens of Russia, but also countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and the Austrians, Serbs, Ukrainians, poles, Georgians, Chileans, Norwegians, Germans, Greeks, Spaniards, Hindus, and other representatives of Orthodox Christianity in our day. The Orthodox clergy explains the choice of the right hand for wearing the symbol of marriage that is Latin for “right” is ” dexter “, which translates as “truthful, clever, skillful”.

Catholics, by contrast, wear a wedding ring on his left hand. The same tradition is shared by the inhabitants of Cuba, Brazil, Armenia, Japan, Turkey, Ireland, Canada, France, Korea and some other countries of the modern World. Representatives of the Catholic clergy explain this custom to the fact that the left hand is closer to the heart, which is the main symbol of love, family and loyalty.

Since ancient times, Jewish girls wear jewelry to symbolize their marriage on the index finger of the left hand. In countries preaching Islam are males and not put on the symbol of the Union of two hearts, however, this attribute decorating each of their wives.

And if death separates lovers

Speaking about where wearing a wedding ring, widowed people, it is worth mentioning the ancient European tradition. According to her, the surviving spouse puts on the ring of the second half and wears it until his death. Similar tradition exists in India, where widowers placed the ring of a deceased spouse on a chain and wear it around your neck. This decoration, according to ancient beliefs, says that “the United front of God’s heart will not be separated in the refuge of man”.

According to the fashion trends

An engagement ring is a permanent symbol of love, family and loyalty. In itself, this decoration is not able to become neither a miraculous talisman, nor a way to strengthen the marriage bond. However, ascribed to him mystical powers and go far into the depth of centuries of tradition of doing exactly the engagement ring the same attribute of any wedding these days.