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Japan and Miyazaki birthday Ani 12. Children’s parties

So, from Ani as I always got the most complicated order. First, I know almost nothing about Japan, and secondly, almost not watched Miyazaki. And for preparation I had only one day, so we had something to look at, something to read. So I apologize in advance to scholars of Japan and fans of Miyazaki.

Birthday consisted of two parts – a purely Japanese, and cartoons.

Participants of the celebration, the birthday girl in the center.

So, part one, Japanese .

1. Choose on that day a name. I found on the web list of Japanese names with meanings, cut the notes, and the girls were pulled. Who didn’t like it, you can get more.

2. The competition “Insert word”. Offered funny phrases with Japanese words, type “a kimono-I don’t doshita”, “well, just did the Sudoku puzzle”, and had them throughout the evening vstavte in the conversation, and to place at least three times.

3. Japanese quiz. All sorts of questions about Japan, its culture, geography and so on.

4. “Polite words”. There have been several unpleasant situations, which was to come up with a phrase with a maximum number of polite words. For example, this situation “Mom woke you up to school, you got up, dressed, washed, and then discovered that my mother broke my watch, and actually 3 am.”

5. Continuing the theme of Japanese politeness, it was suggested there is a piece of lemon and smile.

6. Manufacturer of kusudama.

7. Competition with chopsticks.

On one side of the room were bowls with balls, and had to borrow sticks and balls drag to the other end of the room. Who is faster.

8. Kabuki Theater. Of course, it is to Kabuki the contest was of little relevance, but still the competition was theatrical. Had to pull out the note and to portray what it says without words. The most difficult was “piggy Bank”.

9. Manufacturer of floating candles.

10. The drawing of the character. Within a minute I showed the girls a character, and then it was removed, it was necessary to accurately portray.

11, the Tea ceremony. It is clear that it was only a poor excuse. However, we talked about real tea ceremony, and at the same time held a contest to determine the flavors of different teas.

12, Lottery. On the table lay a parcel of 4, signed by the hieroglyphics, and had to choose one, not feeling and not turning. There were small souvenir. The first could choose the one who scored the most points.

Part two. Cartoons Miyazaki.

On the door of one room was hanged here this turntable.

Each sector corresponds to one cartoon (this is the idea of a Walking castle howl was turning the handle to get to different places. )

We turned the chopper, went into the bathroom, held the competition, then go out, again turned, and so on.

1. “Big Panda and Little Panda”

We made pandas and ate sprigs of parsley without hands who is faster.

2. “Howl moving castle”

There was a children’s site with a picture of howl, which, as we know, liked to dye your hair, and you had your eyes closed to dye his hair.

3. “Castle in the sky”

Three times I cast the spell, which there the girl learns in early childhood, and then waited a minute. It was necessary as accurately as possible to reproduce.

4. “Ponyo on the cliff”

In this cartoon a fish Ponyo when she’s a girl, the legs were still like sticks. And are encouraged to collect legs spread on the floor markers.

5. “Witch’s delivery service”

Throughout the room were laid out black and grey paper cats, and IZH had to quickly collect who more.

6. “Spirited away”

There the heroine at one point working in the hotel. So was hotel competition. On the table stood a lot of vases-jars-bottles. You need to remember, as they stood, and then leave the room. The others were rearranged or changed the position of the three things, and had returned everything as it was.

And in the final we went to a neighboring house-the bathhouse, where there is a room on the second floor. Climbing the ladder, it was necessary at each step to call one of Miyazaki’s cartoons, and at the top was hung a portrait of Miyazaki surrounded by posters about cartoons. I put a disc of music from the cartoons, the girls stood on the balcony, listening to music and burning Bengal candles.