Which finger to wear engagement ring
This simple decoration was worn on the bride during the wedding ceremony and meant that now she belongs to her husband, and he must protect it. The first such decoration,…

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Christmas traditions in Japan
New Year in Japan, " on-segatsu ". is the most important holiday for inhabitants of the country, when all sum up, evaluate the results, and pay their debts. Before the…

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Wedding traditions of Korea

Choosing booking cheap tickets to Seoul, you can think about visiting one of the most beautiful Korean Islands – Jeju city.

Jeju island in Korea Jeju island is located in the very South of the Republic of Korea. He’s the biggest in the country and several thousand years ago it was rocked by volcanic eruptions. Now remind me 368 craters of extinct and dormant mountain is the volcano Hallasan, the height is less than 2 km away. Making a booking cheap tickets to Seoul or another Korean city, can be included in the trip visiting beautiful Jeju island. It is worth the attention of tourists, because not only the unique beauty of the scenery, the music and the number of extinct volcanoes.

The volcanoes on the island sleeping for hundreds of years, and during that time the nature and people filled lava-scorched land with thickets of juniper, Mandarin gardens, tea plantations, pine and palm groves. The green slopes of extinct craters — the unique nature reserve of rare species of plants.

For lovers of Hiking will be an unforgettable Hiking along the craters of extinct volcanoes. The most amazing of them — the crater of Sangumburi. It was formed during eruptions as a result of the exit of gases and has a bizarre shape and beautiful slopes.

Interesting Historical and architectural Park, which gathered on its territory of about 100 masterpieces of world architecture, however, in the scale of 1:20. The leaning tower is adjacent to the St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Sacre Coeur Church has coexisted peacefully with the Buddhist monastery of Bulguksa. And near the statue of Liberty swim, first time in the history of Korea ships are warships that helped the Koreans in the fourteenth century to repel the Japanese invasion.

Lovers of Ethnography, a lot of fun will bring a visit to the National village Singup. Time stood still here and the modern world does not have authority over the inhabitants of the village. Hard to imagine that we need only go to the special site, which offers booking of hotels all over the world. and you can get a start in the past Korea — in frozen in time Songup. Traditional houses of stone, with thatched roofs, wooden utensils and folk craft tools continue to live my life, like many years ago.

Young travelers will love the Teddy bear Museum. Exhibits a little, but the way they are presented is quite interesting — this plush images of international celebrities and participants of the world events — Marilyn Monroe, musicians the Beatles, they participate in toy fashion shows and even destroy the Berlin wall.

Learn about the history of tea and tea ceremonies, taste it on the green terrace and stock up on the unique tea things in the green tea Museum, which is located in the Poonja, Artpia. There also is the world’s largest Park for growing bonsai trees.

Sweet tooth is a pleasant and delicious experience will give the Chocolate castle — a Museum, which contains chocolate from around the world. All stages of manual production, all kinds of shapes and sizes, tastes, and aromas presented in it. There are still many places worthy of a visit — the Hallim Park with its Botanical gardens and the caves with stalactites and stalagmites, waterfalls Changein, Chongbang and lost in a forest gorge waterfall Onto, Park of modern sculptures near mountain Sanbang, amazing Park of stone and wood, Maxaquin, where sculptures made of stones, trunks and roots of trees.

Koreans know how to surprise experienced audience — excursions on a submarine, elephant shows and performances of dolphins and sea lions, Quad Biking and sea kayaking, the ancient art of women-the divers aren Hohne and even the garden of erotic sculptures on the Ground of Love in Jeju. It should only make the booking of tickets online — and you can be in this beautiful place, to touch his relics and traditions. Jeju captivates from the first sight and forever remains in the hearts of those who visit it.