Valentine's Day. The history of the holiday
This is interesting information for children about the history and traditions of Valentine's day celebration This holiday came to Russia a few years ago. And now Valentine's Day is celebrated…

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History and traditions of Ukrainian cuisine
The history of the Ukrainian cuisine is very interesting and unusual. In contrast to the "sister" of the Russian and Belarusian into Ukrainian cuisine, almost completely absent traditions of old…

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The Traditions and customs of Northern Cyprus

To feel confident in any situation, it is highly desirable to study the customs of the places with which residents have to communicate. Ignorance of the intricacies of the mentality of foreign friends and business partners can lead to unfortunate misunderstandings. Even the most ordinary and harmless, in our opinion, things can be perceived negatively by the other party.

The people of Japan it is not customary to “gift” items in the amount of four pieces and nine: these numbers are consonant with the words “death” and “pain”. This tradition is so strong that many hospitals are missing the fourth and ninth floors. Be sure to wrap the gift in beautiful wrapping paper. Color packing can be anything but white: in Japan it is the color of mourning.

In China, Your gift will take not at once: at first he would politely refuse. You need to be persistent and to show strength of character. To offer your gift two or three times. To say that this thing is pretty minor, and refusal to accept it can offend You. Valid the gift immediately deployed and see. Here it is a widespread custom to give a pair of things, as a symbol of harmony and unity. But a watch to give to the Chinese is not accepted: this word is consonant with the word “funeral”. The number “four” and white color is also undesirable. Bouquets are usually only in the hospital or graveyard. Therefore, when he came to visit, instead of flowers it is better to take something sweet.

In the Arab world should not be aloud to compliment any environment. Otherwise people will just be forced to give favorite thing: it is an inviolable law of hospitality. You cannot bring a gift of alcohol, things with the image of a person or dog, products of pig skin. Nothing can give the owner’s wife, it is indecent. It is acceptable to bring sweets to children.

In European countries also has its own quirks. In particular, there is huge interest in nature conservation, protection of the environment. According to the established European traditions, chrysanthemums symbolize death, red roses – passion, carnations are an indispensable attribute of commemoration.

Any Frenchman will appreciate foreign alcohol, but it was presented as a gift French alcohol production react cool. The fact that thus You unwittingly discredit his own tastes. Also, although France is considered the birthplace of the most exquisite perfume, we should not give the perfume ladies. It can only do spouses.

In Germany it is not customary to go visiting with empty hands. Germans love to give and receive gifts on any occasion, but receives mostly cheap Souvenirs. Expensive things here to give is not accepted. It is believed that this obliges to answer the same. But this possibility, unfortunately, is not at all. First of all, appreciated the originality, invention, creativity. In honor exclusive gift, especially hand made. At Christmas, decided to give the items that may seem not very suitable for a happy occasion: all kinds of wreaths and candles.

So, please share what made to give the Cypriots and in what cases. What is considered inappropriate. I think this topic will be of interest to many. Well, I first would like to know what is accepted and not accepted to give on wedding. Are there differences in how close people? If a person is unfamiliar? It is customary to give gifts to business partners? From experience I know that men do not refuse from alcoholic drinks. Vodka is more happy than a good Armenian cognac. Although I was very worried after reading earlier that alcohol is not customary to give. But I was lucky, one of the business partners was a collector and he had no Russian vodka – we have enriched it’s collection with a couple of instances. In two cases, the new friends took the brandy with politeness. But I would not want to offend them and be known as ignorant. Tell me.