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Center-Spa Asia Beauty SPA (Asia beauty Spa)

«Asia Beauty SPA” guarantee exceptional quality standards in the field of beauty, ancient Chinese and Tibetan massage techniques and facial and body. Tibetan massage has five thousand years. It was used by monks to maintain their spiritual and physical health. Methods passed down from generation to generation, a unique Wellness system that affects propri-rank of the disease, not the result. The basis of Chinese and Tibetan massage is a healing technique of acupressure, which acts on biologically active points of a person.

In the East believe: true beauty — it’s a pleasant consequence of the General healthy condition of the body. In Tibetan and Chinese medicine, massage — an integral part of a healthy lifestyle because a healthy body — it is the result of a harmonious energy balance, and disease — the investigation of violations of this balance.

No medicine in the world can compete with the Tibetan, which is both science, philosophy and art. After all for anybody not a secret that it is in detail studied the human body — as could not yet do.

Chinese and Tibetan massage improves the quality of life, allows a person to feel healthy, fit and young. With the help of the various options of Chinese and Tibetan massage, you can deal with headache, fatigue, stress, as well as to qualitatively improve the function of internal organs of the body, improve the health and great psychological break from the anxieties and worries of the big city.

Features salons

Each of the Tibetan centres «Asia Beauty SPA” has its own flavor. The SPA on the 4th Tverskaya-Yamskaya — the cozy island of bliss, harmony and serenity, the station, which is above two steps away from the restaurant’s TAN. «Asia Beauty SPA” located on Dmitrovsky lane pleases its guests with a luxurious Hammam, where the floor is lined with round semi-precious pebbles of basaltic rocks which massage the feet and pass through them to the human body beneficial energy. In the cabin «Asia Beauty SPA” ( 2-nd Paveletsky proezd, d. 5, p. 1) a pool filled with mineral water, a spacious Hammam in white marble, a relaxation hall with an extraordinary aquarium complement the beautiful new world of spa an unforgettable experience. In the cabin «Asia Beauty SPA» (Pogorelsky pereulok, 6.) United health care, spa and beauty world: fancy Oriental spa massages, Tibetan spa, exfoliation, rejuvenating spa treatments, needle-reflexology, pulse diagnosis, MOX aesthetic cosmetology face and body, beauty injections, spa hair care, spa manicures, spa pedicures, spa bath, tanning Studio.

In the cabin «Asia Beauty SPA” at the 2nd Paveletsky passage you can enjoy fine party that will be long remembered by You and Your guests. Evening or night, the conduct-ing a luxurious interior with a swimming pool filled with mineral water, a gorgeous Hammam in white marble, unforgettable Tibetan massage and amazing blue-DAMI Imperial menu the Tang will impress even the most refined gourmet delicious and beautiful life.

In the “Asia Beauty SPA” are only specialists from China and Tibet that use only the best means of leading cosmetic brands. It offers more than 100 different procedures designed to rejuvenate and revitalize.