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Traditional Korean painting
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Wedding traditions – the Wedding of Belarus

For most people is familiar to a large the number of wedding traditions such as the bouquet toss and the cake cutting, before strewing the corn a young couple. And it seems that without these traditions the wedding is kind of not correct. But many Nations have their own unique traditions, which are transmitted and carefully protected from generation to generation.

Very many traditions have moved from ancient Rome and other cultures of antiquity.

In ancient times the wedding was attended by ten bridesmaids, and friends of the groom and bride, for that would scare the jealous evil spirits. White dress is the bride’s virginity means not, as used to think many, but the simple joy and prosperity. For centuries the white color was considered a festive color. And that’s just the veil, not the dress is white, to symbolize her chastity. And it is believed that a woman outside the man is not the first time, should not be with a veil at the wedding ceremony. The tradition of exchanging wedding ring could go from the Egyptians. Ring round shape means eternity and infinity in happiness and love between a young couple. Touching the bride and groom on their wedding day brings happiness, because on that day God bless.

We present you the most interesting facts about the tradition in some countries.

Bulgaria. In Bulgaria, it is customary to swear by figs (instead of wheat and rice) the bride and groom when they leave the celebration.

Germany . In the evening, on the eve before the wedding, come friends of the bride to her home and smash to pieces on the threshold of dishes and plates. Traditionally, fragments of broken dishes bring her luck. Then the bride is obliged to invite visitors for wine or tea and cake, thanks. At the same ceremony, the bride should be the bread and salt, symbolizing abundance. Groom for wealth and good luck should bring the grain. Guests being coated with fir trail, which will be held after the ceremony, the newlyweds, for good luck, of hope and wealth. After that, guests are welcomed with handkerchiefs, to fold in them the remnants of food from wedding table, which moved the guests home.

Greece. While dress up the couple for the wedding, in honor of them singing certain songs. The groom before the ceremony makes a gift for the bride, in the form of wedding bouquet. The main function for the groomsmen and bridesmaids were scaring away the evil spirits and they even dress up in clothes depicting the eye that protects the young from failures. Also for weddings a lot of dancing and even has a special money dance, where guests pin it to the clothing of the bride and groom money. And even in some areas of Greece a bed for the young is prepared in a special way. According to tradition it should run little children, for the presence of abundance in a new family.

Hungary. In a wedding the process involved the whole village. At first they approach the bride’s house, and then accompany the bride to the groom’s house or the Church. They also have a money dance. In the middle of the room are bridesmaid shoes, and those who want to dance with her, put in them a few coins.

India. After the ceremony, someone from the family members (male), should shower the bride and groom, in advance prepared flower petals, for lapel evil

China. During the procession, the couple drink wine and honey with the special cups, which are interlinked by red tape, because red is a symbolism of love and joy.

France. Without fail, during the wedding, the couple drink wine from the special Cup with two handles, which they called a coupe de marriage.

Scotland. The groom, for taking the bride into their family, after the pronouncing of vows, must throw over her shoulders a plaid scarf with the colors of his clan and pinned with silver pins.

Japan. In Japan a young couple becomes official man and wife after they drink nine SIPS of rice wine called their sake.