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Holidays Japan

Japan — one of the most mysterious countries of the world, and may not be on Earth no such place that can match her in the field of mystery and understatement. The land of the Rising Sun is famous for its poetry, painting, art. Remaining as one of the most developed in terms of technology, Japan has always attracted the gaze of tourists from all over the world. In many ways, the culture of the country completely unique and amazing, and was occupied for many centuries sovereignty has turned Japan into a kind of cradle, a treasure trove of unique Asian culture.

Holidays . note and respect in the country of the Rising Sun, cannot be counted. Each of them keeps its own history. Carefully observe the Japanese tradition, love and know how to arrange impressive in scale and beauty of the festive processions and parades.

Interestingly, any public holiday of Japan is called ” Matsuri “. There are the holidays celebrated throughout the country, there are those that are observed only in a separate area; the festivals of Japan is not only established national or state, but annual natural wonders: the flowering of chrysanthemums, cherry blossoms, Wisteria and much more.

Consider all the celebrations . traditionally celebrated in Japan it is impossible, therefore we will stop only on most interesting and remarkable.

Every autumn in Japan is celebrated very romantic and Sunny holiday – the feast of chrysanthemums. The name of the flower in Japanese is “Kiku” meaning “sun”. Admiring flowers is one of the integral parts of Japanese culture.

There is a legend . related to origin of country: one cunning and cruel Emperor, who ruled in China, have desired immortality, forever to retain power in their hands. A wise physician said to him that it is possible to prepare elixir miraculous, able to give the Emperor eternal life from the magic flower that grew on those lands, which is now Japan. But the mysterious plant will give his power only to a man with a pure heart.

Sent the Emperor on the island of 300 boys and 300 girls . hoping that among them there is at least one person, acquiring the power flower. But, having sailed to the Islands, the travelers did not want to go back and founded their own state there, and their favorite beautiful flower called the chrysanthemum.

One of the most favorite holidays in Japan – New year, signifying renewal and rebirth of all nature. According to traditional Buddhist rites of the coming New year usher in the 108 strikes of the bell . which are the embodiment of human 108 pernicious passions. With the last kick people out on the street to celebrate the new year with the first rays of the sun.

Literally “Banzai” means “10 thousand years” and is pronounced as wishes for a long life at weddings, parties.

Traditionally in Japan day, when spring follows winter – the night between 3 and 4 February .It is believed that at the junction of the two opposite seasons of the beginning (darkness and light) are opposed to each other, and danger of various kinds of misfortunes.

There is a rite traditionally performed by Housewives Japanese: they rasprashivat beans, saying a special word.The ritual is meant to banish all misfortune and bring good luck.

The ritual expulsion of demons . held in all the churches, gathers a lot of people. Dressed in costumes of evil men, the first monks being driven through the streets and then emerging the most respected and influential personality throw “the demons” beans from wooden boxes.

One of the most revered holidays in Japan — the Emperor’s birthday. The Emperor from time to time appears on the balcony with his family, and thousands of people gathered at the Palace to welcome him.

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