Japanese life: The strangest of the lots of the Yahoo! Auctions
At that time, like space ships travel through the galaxy, more and more people begin to shop without leaving home. On the Internet you can buy everything: from food to…

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Traditions of greetings in China and Japan - WU - path in search of self
Today is talk a little bit about greetings. Compare the ritual adopted in Europe and Chinese/Japanese ceremony. We are all so accustomed to the ritual to shake hands when meeting,…

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The Most bizarre sex practices

Relatively recently in remote areas of Kamchatka the host offered the guest his wife for sexual pleasures. And if she was pregnant, it was considered a blessing of higher powers and celebrated the entire settlement. In principle, the custom is reasonable, allows local people to get fresh genes, and to avoid degeneracy.

Similar tradition existed in Tibet. If the guest liked the wife of the owner, he willingly her “shared”. It was believed that it brings home the happiness and luck. On the whole Tibet – an unusually depraved region! There if a girl is not changed a couple dozen sexual partners, she is considered not ready for marriage. Interesting. as sexual partners especially appreciated the travellers, who were literally besieged by crowds of Horny girls. As a result, some researchers of Tibet did not return home because they are literally “salubrinal” to death!

Generally, the Asians are strange people in terms of sexual relations. Well, what normal European man will enjoy that it will inject a needle in the groin during orgasm? And yet, in Japan and Korea, women had stabbed their partners, because it was believed that this increased their pleasure. Probably the only consolation of the unfortunate men was that the procedure was suitable exclusively gold needle.

Another interesting Japanese custom was something with caressing the ear of the Slavic name “Joby”. However, in Japanese the term means only “to sneak in under cover of night”. According to custom, a young man naked, that night could get to an unmarried girl, to climb to her under the covers, and if the girl was not against to have sex with her. In clothes it was forbidden to come because dressed man. intruders in the house, by default, was considered a robber and could kill. The only valid custom clothing for a guy is the mask on the face. So some girls didn’t even know who they visited at night! Custom “Joby” continued in some parts of Japan right up to the end of the 19th century.

But in Tanzania the situation is precisely the opposite: women go to at night favourite guys. And the surest way to excite a man there is considered to be…steal his hoes and sandals! The fact that these items Tanzanians consider sacred, and to get them back, the guy ready to fulfill any desire of a thief.

Need to appease their chosen and men of the South American tribe topinambo, only here you have these poor buggers are much heavier. The women there are so spoiled that she marry only the owners of a huge manhood. That has the unfortunate men-tupinamba to expose his male pride under the stings of ants, wasps, and even poisonous snakes. Of course, a member of this swollen to an incredible size that the local girls seem very beautiful. Yeah, the things one does for love!

Think, poor fellows-tupinamba have the worst? No you can’t. Men from another South American tribe, Cahaba, more unhappy, because the first sexual experience they get with the oldest woman of the tribe. After sex with old woman the desire to make love the guy disappears completely. When these folks get married, when it comes to the execution of marital debt, they are trying to escape into the jungle and hide there more reliable.In the end flown into a rage from lack of sex, women get off in gangs and round their husbands. Those who managed to catch, rape is literally unconscious, which is clearly not conducive to the awakening of sexual desire in the miserable Cahaba.

And finally a bit more positive: the slogan “make love, not war!” the king of Swaziland understands too literally. There is military parades, parade…the virgins! A few thousand half-naked beauties marching before His Majesty. One of them becomes the new wife of the monarch, and the rest each get a big bowl of food “for diligence”, which by local standards is really a very valuable gift.