The Mysterious art of Korean medicine
The international community calls the methods of treatment of intractable disease in South Korea (treatment of intractable disease by the methods of traditional Korean medicine) "the mysterious art of Korean…

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Traditions of greetings in China and Japan - WU - path in search of self
Today is talk a little bit about greetings. Compare the ritual adopted in Europe and Chinese/Japanese ceremony. We are all so accustomed to the ritual to shake hands when meeting,…

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Japanese life: The strangest of the lots of the Yahoo! Auctions

At that time, like space ships travel through the galaxy, more and more people begin to shop without leaving home. On the Internet you can buy everything: from food to wine for cats. And, of course, a special place, on the Internet shopping is Auctions. In the US and Europe online the most popular auction is eBay and Japan Yahoo! Auctions. Digging in the vastness of this flea market, you can find many odd lots that “Expensive edition” and you will introduce:

The switch to call the total solar Eclipse (the Creator of this pixel ratio, apparently, the Lord God)

Unwashed ball of cat hair (to add a bit of willow anther and will make a fine potion of restore health).

A bronze statue of the President-founder (as well as any bust of Lenin) .

The ball Louis Vuitton (Stylish, trendy, youth. Now, who else can boast such a fashion sportinventar).

Traditional Japanese doll Kokeshi (More like an instrument of execution. Well you get the idea).

A racing cockpit out of cardboard (In such pieces, the girls from the neighbouring hostel of the agricultural College, will be yours. The main thing is the music not to forget to include).

Lining of the car.

Basket ball VC75 (Seems to be the usual grocery basket, but actually it is intended for transportation of balls)

Jinsei – literally means life (perhaps someone wants to sell his life story, and possibly take her. Hi shikigami).

Dajare – means a pun or word-play (puns sell 100).

Tegami for you (put this lot promises to write you a handwritten letter).

Chetyrehmetrovy comic, in which the author was invested with the entire soul.

Picture Of Mickey Mouse. The price of 1300000000 yen (Work of level the most famous artists of our time, is clearly worth the money).

Dead monster (the Self).

Set of 100 tabs from chocolate eggs “Golden angel” (If the door of your refrigerator as empty as the Arctic desert, these wrappers will give it a cheery Sunny look)

Set for cosplay Bushman (item includes: loincloth, spear, charms, and Shoe Polish).

Bird’s nest (the Most useful thing in the economy. Especially if you decide visitet eggs).

Gundam. Really sold the opportunity to shoot on the shoulder of this handsome.

Life-sized figure of Steve McQueen (“Expensive edition” always dreamed of such).

Doll Makoto-Chan (It can be beaten without soulet about it)

Lord of sumo Hades

Three traditional Japanese dolls (If “Expensive edition” in Detva played with these dolls, probably would be suffering mental disabilities).

Portable toilet (Have your own personal Porta potty! Almost like the Lord of the world. Small and smelly world).

A limited edition of bowls for rice “Yoshino”.

Golf balls decorated with images of the note in 10 thousand yen.

Hanger Ultraman.

Raffle stand (the price of 10 thousand yen, no tickets).

Mask from the cold (used by the U.S. armed forces).

Kamen rider cyclone bike (the dream of every guy).

Lamborgini handmade.

Nintendo DS with manual carving on the cover (MISAK. ).

A wedding present from the Secretary-General of the democratic party Ichiro Ozawa.

Illustration of 12 zodiac signs of the Chinese calendar (most Likely self-made brand).

A personal computer (Salesman said this box: “the Ferrari among computers”)

These are interesting and at times odd lots, although on our “Avito”, too, come across interesting offers.