Peculiarities of the national sex - Sex
In Arab countries a man owns a woman, and the woman obeys. Arab man very annoying female independence and initiative. Therefore, to simulate sex Arabic you have to be very…

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The Traditions and customs of Northern Cyprus
To feel confident in any situation, it is highly desirable to study the customs of the places with which residents have to communicate. Ignorance of the intricacies of the mentality…

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On the case and a little bit about South Korea

It just so happened that this year I get some very intense trips. I didn’t write after Ty, but I had a mega cool trip to Kamchatka, for sure I’ll write about it. Well, while waiting for You South Korea my eyes.

Let’s call this trip more for business than for recreation, although we all managed perfectly to combine. Flew my wife together, in the capital, Seoul, and in principle nowhere else we were not going to get out of it.

The first thing that surprised me upon arrival, it would seem to normal Asian, this is the order. I don’t know where things are in the provinces, but Seoul, even on its outskirts, pretty damn clean. I’m in the middle of the trip got out to the Park, sopocka in the middle of a residential area, so in this Park, I’m not being a butt, I even tiny pieces of paper I saw, the feeling that there’s generally people don’t exist. And urns among other things not so much. This is of course after Ty, China and Cambodia just on another planet. I good used to very quickly and always all the papers in the pockets of Suva itself, even forgetting to reset everything in boxes.
of Seoul than it resembles Hong Kong, close flats, cafes, shops, gyms. Well, in principle not surprising, as the cost per square meter of land in Seoul reaches 40 000 green. Well this is a beauty, I so often was turning off the main roads into the gate, and walked close, friendly streets, looking at the lives of people living there.

Not to say that the capital of Korea for people to make a huge mistake. A city for everyone, for everything. For comfort, convenience, peace, work, leisure. No matter who you are, tourist, rich, poor, blind, in a wheelchair, child or elder, all and all there is. Each slope or stairs equipped with everything what would people with disabilities will descend or ascend, from the gentle hills to entire elevators. By the way, these elevators are in normal above-ground crossings. In public areas fitted with tiled flooring are equipped with a raised path that people who can’t see was for him to walk not stray from the path. And such a lot of things. Public Transportation is convenient, the traffic on the roads is logical and very well thought out and almost no traffic jams, saying that if the city bus they go on schedule from stop to stop, even if between stops 1 km away. the city is Very thoughtful. Very comfortable. The only thing is a very small amount of signage in English, but in principle, if not to suffer the absolute cretinism, well, not starve and not get lost.

There are many things about which I want to tell, about the parks in the city, the skyscrapers and culture. But all this will be just a foolish order. And after a week I went home, I was very bored in our light, and sometimes a big mess. As it is I mile. And as they say in the philosophical theory of chaos, the Chaos it breeds life, and so the order of this silence, it’s boring. Love my Motherland, love my in her life, with the problems which it presents. This is extremely interesting. Travel the world, only for that would more love to your home.