Women North Korea

Here we have already read to you the Revolutionary legends of the North Korea and also looked at the Metro in North Korea and just pictures of life , and today I read information that women North Korea bring more than 70% of income in family budgets. Until I realized why.

Let’s look at these faces …

The woman in the gift shop in Central Rason city.

North Korean women complain about men, like “a light bulb that does not burn all day”. This shows how useless steel men plan their families. Women of North Korea independent and strong, and their independence and strength will increase, since the state has little to give people.

A woman working at the South Korean plant in the industrial zone of Kaesong.

Most of these women cannot be called wealthy, but nonetheless their income significantly higher income of their husbands. In fact, the sudden surge of capitalism has led to strengthening the position of women in society.

The administrator the room at the hotel in the resort of Kumgang.

In North Korea, unlike many other Communist countries, the idea of division of labour has not found such hot support. Therefore, the choice of women in favor of marriage and homemaking was considered perfectly acceptable and natural.

And as a result, the decline of the economy in the early 1990s greatly influenced the social status of women. Even despite the fact that the production was almost stopped, the North Korean authorities insisted that men continued to go to work

Employee working at the South Korean plant in the industrial zone of Kaesong.

At work they had literally nothing to do, since production capacities were used only on a fraction of, and sometimes even stopped. But the government believed – and continues to believe – that men should be under his control, and surveillance system are located at workplaces.

In these circumstances, women managed to become the Foundation of a new “national” economy. They began to produce goods at home and cultivate their own plots of land, while the men were holed up in their jobs. As Housewives, women were able to escape from the control of the state, without attracting special attention.

Members of a music group check a drum on the way to remote areas of the country.

In this situation women have found themselves burdened with new labor and care, but at the same time, they have acquired a special weight and influence in the economy of the country, as were the main breadwinners in the family. After talking with North Korean women, I realized that the younger generation perceives women, not men, as those who provides the main financial support of the family.

As expected, the economic changes led to changes in the family. Currently a well-known joke was naming men “puppies”. In other words, husbands are considered to be cute and deeply loved, but nevertheless, have no economic “value”.

Despite recent changes in North Korea remains difficult to live with. Many of the inhabitant of the country suffer from malnutrition and diseases caused by many hours of hard work.