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Some More amazing facts about “the hermit Kingdom” – Forbes Kazakhstan

In recent times the world has increased the interest in “hermit Kingdom’ – North Korea. This is not surprising, because the country claims to be the most closed and very exotic, and the forbidden fruit is always sweet, according to Our planet. We present to your attention several interesting facts, which, we believe, little-known: North Korea is one of the most literate countries in the world: the average literacy rate in North Korea reaches 100%!

In the country allowed to wear a total of 28 government-approved hairstyles and haircuts

Girls are allowed to carry 14 different types of haircuts; married women are expected to wear a short haircut, and single women can grow my hair longer. Men are forbidden to grow their hair longer than 5 inches, while older people can afford hair length to 7 inches.

Annual spending of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il for a luxury cognac to 800 times the average annual income by country

The father of the current leader Kim Jong UN-Kim Jong-Il spent 700 thousand euros per year to buy cognac Hennessy. The average annual income in North Korea, estimated at 1 to 2 thousand dollars.

Moreover, the dictator was an avid movie buff, and his collection consisted of more than 20 thousand films

Less than 20% of all lands in North Korea is suitable for sowing of agricultural crops

The share of arable land in the DPRK have only 19,08%.

Residents of the DPRK, especially those born after the Korean war, following the growth of the South Koreans almost 6 inches

Perhaps the difference in growth is associated with lack of food during the war, as well as chronic malnutrition every third child in the DPRK.

North Korea ranks fourth in the world on the number of its regular army

“Under arms” in the DPRK are up to 1,190 million.

The number of people ready to join the ranks of the army of Northern Korea, approximately equal to the number of the population of the state of Senegal

6,515 million men and 6,418 million women fit for service in the armed forces of the DPRK.

The total length of roads in the country 25,554 kilometers, of which only 724 kilometers of paved

That is only 2,83% of all roads in North Korea are covered with asphalt. This is because few residents in the country have personal vehicles.

Almost 6 million people in DPRK suffer from food shortages, and 33% of children chronically undernourished

According to some, is 23.4% of GDP of North Korea accounts for agriculture. It includes the cultivation of rice, corn, potatoes, legumes, pigs, cattle. However, according to the world food programme, due to natural conditions and lack of arable land, the DPRK is experiencing chronic food deficits.

North Korea called the most corrupt country in the world – along with Afghanistan and Somalia

According to the rating of corruption perception Index, in 2013, North Korea, Somalia and Afghanistan were the countries where corruption has reached a critical level. A score range from 0 (maximum corruption) to 100 (absence of corruption) is 177 countries. North Korea received a score – 8.