Traditional Korean painting
The participants have already seen the Koreans on local fields and markets, are familiar with Korean salads. And it's good! Kitchen - the first stage of cognition of the people.…

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The Traditions and customs of Northern Cyprus
To feel confident in any situation, it is highly desirable to study the customs of the places with which residents have to communicate. Ignorance of the intricacies of the mentality…

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Amazing facts about twins – Articles Facts about people Interesting facts about the world Learn more!

Usually the word “twins” is associated with two children who were born at the same time, but it happens that is born and five children at a time. There are many various amazing facts about twins, and some of them you will learn today.

1. The long interval between generic acts in multiple pregnancies.

Peggy Lynn of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, USA, had a baby girl Hannah on November 11, 1995, and the second of the twins, Erica – 84 day (2 February 1996).

2. The long separation of twins. Iris Johns and Aro Campbell (b. 1914) met after 75 years of separation.

3. The largest number of multiple births in one family. At Maddalena Grenades from Italy (b. 1839) 15 times the triplets were born. There is also information about the birth may 29, 1971 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, and in may 1977 in Bagerhat, Bangladesh, 11 twins. In both cases, no child survived.

4. Children conceived in a test tube. Twins. The world’s first twins conceived in vitro – twins Steven and Amanda were born on 5 June 1981 at the Medical centre Queen Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. Their 31-year-old mother

The Radmila Mays was cesarean section. Amanda’s weight at birth was 2,43 kg, the weight of Steven – 2,29 kg.

5. Triplets First triplets (2 girls and 1 boy) conceived in vitro was born at the Medical center. Flinders, Adelaide, Australia, 8 June 1983 At the request of the parents, their names and the names of the children were not reported.

6. The first quints in vitro. Alan, Brett, Connor, Douglas and Edward was born 26 April 1985 at the hospital of the medical College of the University of London. His parents were Linda and Bruce Jacobsen.

7. The lowest weight of twins. The lowest birth weight had the twins Mary (453) and Margaret (538), born Mrs. Florence Stimson from Queens road, UK, August 16, 1931

8. The oldest twins. February 14, 1803 in effington, PCs Virginia, USA, born Eli Shadrack Phipps and John Meshack Phipps. The first at the age of 108 years died, Eli. It was February 23, 1911.

9. The oldest of the triplets. Faith, hope and charity were born in Crudwell elm-Motta, TX, USA, may 18, 1899, the First on 2 October 1994 at the age of 95 years died.

10. The oldest quadruplet. Adolf, Anna-Maria, Emma and Elizabeth Ottman born 15 may 1912 in Munich, Germany. The first on March 17, 1992 at the age of 79 years died, Adolf.

11. The largest number of twinning. It was reported that Chung-Chone, South Korea, in September 1981, at 275 38 birth had born twins – the only ever recorded phenomenon of this kind.

12. The largest number of twins in the UK registered on the North island of Juist, Scotland. In June 1985 there were an estimated 36 twins at the age from 2 to 82 years. This island in every 40 births are twins, one with an average proportion in the country is 1:100.

13. The fastest delivery of triplets. Mrs. James E. Duck from Memphis, Tennessee, USA, 21 March 1977, gave birth to Bradley, Christopher and Carmona for 2 minutes without surgery.

14. The longest childbirth of twins. Mrs. Mary Wright, age 38, gave birth to Amy and Elizabeth at intervals of 18 months after conception in March 1984 Elizabeth was born in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK, April 22, 1987 The second embryo developed normally from egg, over the course of 29 months kept in a frozen state.