Wedding traditions in different countries
Every wedding celebration is a memorable event for life. But wedding without traditions do not exist. Let us remember how the children showered the newlyweds with candy, that was sweet…

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The truth about modern Japanese geisha and the samurai
The samurai class, including their wives and children, never exceeded 5% of the population. A geisha, even in the best years was not more than 70 thousand is now about…

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Unusual national tradition

The ancient Macedonians really were just surrendered: raised force lance up. But – alas! – it didn’t work with the Roman soldiers – they just did not understand the Macedonians and slew them every one. And the Romans themselves, by the way, was surrendered with his hands up, as is the custom still. It was the Romans due to the vastness of his Empire unified the gesture.

In the middle East never beat off a foot a rhythm, when you listen to music – they say it was filled in the great ethnographer and at the same time scout by Arminius Vambery, which, in fact, so thoroughly prepared for the trip to the middle East that even got a circumcision.

God forbid you when meeting with a person from the East to shake his left hand. You see, in the East it is not customary to use toilet paper. They immediately bathe and do it with your left hand, so your explanation is that you are left handed then it is unlikely someone will be satisfied.

The Germans are still made to order in a cafe the exact number of sandwiches. To just say “Give me a sandwich” is not accepted, it means that you don’t care about their money.

In Egypt not taken anyone to praise and compliment: they say when you died a little son of Pharaoh, who, just yesterday someone said that he is very handsome boy.

In Brazil, a pretty girl can be heard on the street “Oh, what a nice ass!”. It is accepted, and you even sue can’t.

Very carefully need to be with W

estami. The fingers folded into a ring – in America it is OK in France, but in Japan the money. And here in Cyprus means “homosexual” and God only knows what’s coming next by your gesture.

In Greece it is better not to vote on the road using a raised thumb. In Greece, this gesture means “Shut up, stupid!”.

The Japanese, not to say “no”. And the most terrible insult to the Japanese consider the situation when a business partner leads you into the sauna with a geisha – can’t take it no business Japanese.

Know what was the first impetus to the suspicion of false that it is not the real king? He never slept after dinner. Yes, it is an ancient Russian tradition. And we lost a lot of soldiers, the credibility of Dutch and love to the Turks after during the Azov campaign of Pushkar-the Dutchman told the Turks that the Russians always sleep after lunch taken their clothes off and sleep. The Turks attacked us at three in the afternoon and destroyed half our army.