The Mysterious art of Korean medicine
The international community calls the methods of treatment of intractable disease in South Korea (treatment of intractable disease by the methods of traditional Korean medicine) "the mysterious art of Korean…

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Wedding traditions of Korea
Choosing booking cheap tickets to Seoul, you can think about visiting one of the most beautiful Korean Islands – Jeju city. Jeju island in Korea Jeju island is located in…

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History and traditions of Ukrainian cuisine

The history of the Ukrainian cuisine is very interesting and unusual. In contrast to the “sister” of the Russian and Belarusian into Ukrainian cuisine, almost completely absent traditions of old Russian cuisine. No. And the reason all in the same Mongol-Tatar invasion, which used a lot to write off. Yes hand on heart, not only of the Mongol-Tatars had a hand (tautology ) to the formation of the traditions of Ukrainian cuisine. Throughout its long history, the territory of Ukraine is constantly captured by different villains. Basically they were invaders from the Asian countries. This is the reason that many traditional Ukrainian dishes cooked from pork. Muslims don’t eat pork!

The invaders were stealing cattle from the occupied territories, and the pigs did not touch an unclean animal. That’s the pig and rescued the people during the difficult years. In Lutsk, on this occasion, even, a monument to the pig stands. So that the love of Ukrainians to the fat is a historical, if not tragic basis. By the way. Ukrainians are not the most avid “saloed” in Europe. We are far ahead of the Hungarians, in which there is a real cult of bacon at the national level. Of course, the most famous dish of Ukrainian cuisine was, is and will be – soup. Although historians of cookery say that the soup came to Kievan Rus from Byzantium, as the national dish of Ancient Rome, from “soup” there is not much left. But that’s Ukrainian cuisine, a dish that was brought to the level of a world masterpiece. This is a complex (no exaggeration !) the dish, in the classic version has about 20(!) components. And, tellingly, the classic soup. it is prepared without meat. But that’s for the “classics”. In fact, there are so many different recipes of soup. Not to mention the traditional family recipes that are simply impossible to find. The same applies to the dumplings, another traditional dish of Ukrainian cuisine, recognised and loved worldwide.

What is also interesting. Formed in those days the traditions of Ukrainian cuisine, has retained its integrity and identity, despite the ongoing aggression, now from the West, from Poland, Lithuania, then Germany, Hungary etc as a result of these aggressions part of Ukraine, at different times belonged to other States. And although this could not but leave its mark on the culinary traditions of Ukraine, all the same bases, principles of processing, remained the same for the entire Ukrainian cuisine. However, much was borrowed in the process of numerous occupations. Take, for example, the traditional “smartenna”, the stabilizing of vegetables for soup and other dishes, this is modified frying foods in oil, which came from Turkic traditional cuisine and unparalleled in the Slavic cuisines of the early period. The history of the Ukrainian cuisine combined with Western culinary traditions. Crushing products, it’s in Ukrainian cooking from the Germans, traditionally used this technique. And such examples are many.

Preserving the integrity, Ukrainian cuisine, certainly, not without a noticeable regional characteristics. In this, perhaps lies the beauty of all national cuisines, when the same dish is prepared in every area, in every region, with the use of specific technologies and has its special “flavor”.