South Korea
South Korea is a country where a rapidly developing high-tech city with amazing for the Russian ear the names are combined with hamlets and villages, where life repeats the traditional…

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Wedding traditions of Korea
Choosing booking cheap tickets to Seoul, you can think about visiting one of the most beautiful Korean Islands – Jeju city. Jeju island in Korea Jeju island is located in…

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Traditional Korean painting

The participants have already seen the Koreans on local fields and markets, are familiar with Korean salads. And it’s good! Kitchen – the first stage of cognition of the people. The second is the art through which the soul is known, – with these words opened the national exhibition of Korean art the Korean Diaspora in Volgograd Peter Kim.

The exhibition, which opened in the exhibition hall on Chuikov 37, presents hand embroidery and traditional Korean painting, paintings of sea shells, porcelain vases, Souvenirs from bird feathers, natural materials – grasses and leaves. Subjects, sizes and techniques of the exhibits.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is devoted to the embroidery, which is one of the main types of national art. “Drawing threads” reflects the aesthetic features and the subtlety of perception of Korean women.

– That women, being more subtle and patient than men, since ancient times have created and developed original techniques of embroidery, – has told to the correspondent “Week” Deputy Director of the Main exhibition Department of the DPRK Mr. Kim Chui Ho. Today their hands are works of the most perfect forms.

However, the greatest interest of the visitors caused not embroidered tapestries and unique paintings of seashells. The attention made in the original technique of the reproduction of the “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci, “Madonna” by Raphael and “the Stranger” archaeology.

Picture made of shells exist in Korea as an art form since 1986. Moreover, the technique of making shell of the masterpieces held in the strictest confidence. On one picture takes up to a hundred thousand “houses” shellfish, work on one blade lasts two to three months. Produce these wonderful paintings, of course, women. First, they painstakingly choose one shell to another, then put on the glue. Any dyes when creating paintings is not used. I asked the organizers of the exhibition, are made of seashells some other things in addition to reproductions of paintings of great masters. It turns out that in the Volgograd specially brought only the “Mona Lisa” and “Madonna” that the audience could feel all the uniqueness of the work of the Korean women. In General, in this technique, manufactured landscapes, and portraits to order. However, to order a portrait like this Shelly is quite expensive and not every worker the DPRK can afford it. By the way, I personally think that the Korean masters and the “Mona Lisa”, and “Stranger” are a bit like moon-faced beauties of the East.

According to Mr. Ho Kim Chui, representatives of the Main exhibition Department of the DPRK would love to leave in Volgograd part of Korean culture. And therefore the opened exhibition works as a fair. “A piece” of Korean culture who wished to buy it will cost from $ 100 up to a thousand dollars, depending on the complexity and uniqueness of the works. The most expensive – from 500 to 1,000 dollars – will be paintings of shells.