The Culture of Korea and Japan

Wedding traditions of Korea
Choosing booking cheap tickets to Seoul, you can think about visiting one of the most beautiful Korean Islands – Jeju city. Jeju island in Korea Jeju island is located in…

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Valentine's Day. The history of the holiday
This is interesting information for children about the history and traditions of Valentine's day celebration This holiday came to Russia a few years ago. And now Valentine's Day is celebrated…

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Coffee and Tea company

Tea traditions of Central Asia are of interest to us, first of all, the fact that, firstly, the Central Asia to Russia, and, secondly, that in contacts with the peoples of the region the Russians first encountered tea. And Siberian custom of drinking tea with milk, is borrowing from the tea traditions of indigenous Siberian peoples.

As in the case described earlier, the Turkmen way of brewing tea, Asian tea traditions were the result of conditions inhabited by the peoples of this vast region. Rather, one of the main conditions — livestock, as the basis of life. This is the basis of life means that the main food of the peoples of Central Asia are meat and milk. And it would be very strange if they didn’t add in tea (well, the milk, at least). We added to the tea that we grow? Add. Apples, for example. But they add that runs.

V. Pokhlebkin highlight two of the Central Asian way of making tea: Mongolian and Tibetan. We will understand in order.

The Mongols, probably the first after the Chinese became acquainted with tea — by virtue of basic geographic neighborhood. Naturally, they adopted and one of the early Chinese methods of tea — one in which the tea leaves have been boiled. And, of course, adapt it to your taste and under their conditions.

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Japanese life: The strangest of the lots of the Yahoo! Auctions

At that time, like space ships travel through the galaxy, more and more people begin to shop without leaving home. On the Internet you can buy everything: from food to wine for cats. And, of course, a special place, on the Internet shopping is Auctions. In the US and Europe online the most popular auction is eBay and Japan Yahoo! Auctions. Digging in the vastness of this flea market, you can find many odd lots that “Expensive edition” and you will introduce:

The switch to call the total solar Eclipse (the Creator of this pixel ratio, apparently, the Lord God)

Unwashed ball of cat hair (to add a bit of willow anther and will make a fine potion of restore health).

A bronze statue of the President-founder (as well as any bust of Lenin) .

The ball Louis Vuitton (Stylish, trendy, youth. Now, who else can boast such a fashion sportinventar).

Traditional Japanese doll Kokeshi (More like an instrument of execution. Well you get the idea).

A racing cockpit out of cardboard (In such pieces, the girls from the neighbouring hostel of the agricultural College, will be yours. The main thing is the music not to forget to include).

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Peculiarities of the national sex – Sex

In Arab countries a man owns a woman, and the woman obeys. Arab man very annoying female independence and initiative. Therefore, to simulate sex Arabic you have to be very restrained and chaste. Forget about sexual misconduct, and a dominant position. The position of the rider – not for this game. To best play Arab mistress, you have to pretend to be a log and let the man himself to guide the process. But it is not antithetical to caring about her man, you have to exercise to sex.

Friday, we recommend you to make day quick and spontaneous sex.

Talking about sex in Japanese, implied the technique of geishas. However, this Japanese tradition is not part of modern national character. The Japanese nation is now considered not only the smartest but also the most depraved. By the way, in Japan tacitly endorses pedophilia – alone role-playing game featuring anime characters are worth the price. The choice is yours: immerse yourself in Japanese tradition and try to get used to the image of a geisha, which is available all the techniques of seduction men, or to have sex with Japanese but in a modern way: to dress in a school girl costume and deliberately playing childish girl, to inflame the passion Continue reading

Korea, flag of Korea, the capital of Korea, information about Korea. Tour of Ukraine

South Korea

Official name: Republic of Korea

Capital: Seoul

Geography: Total area — 99 392 km2.

Population: 49 million people.

Time difference: local time plus 7 hours.

Official language: Korean

Currency: South Korean won

28 April – Buddha’s birthday

5 may – children’s Day

6 June – Day of remembrance

July 17 – Constitution Day

30 September – it’s thanksgiving – the day of the full moon, favorite holiday of the Koreans

October 6 – fireworks festival

October 9 – Hangul Day

When to go:

In the country a temperate climate. Here the summer temperature rises to +35°C. monsoon Season, the so-called carma, lasts in June-July. Autumn is the most pleasant time to travel. Winters are dry and cold, the air temperature decreases to -10°C.

South Korea is a country located in the South of the Korean Peninsula in East Asia. As the country located on a Peninsula, it has only one land border (with North Korea (DPRK)), which is located along the demilitarized zone.

Almost all of South Korea is surrounded by water, the coast line stretches for 2 kilometers 413. On the South side the country is washed by the South China Continue reading

Traditional Korean painting

The participants have already seen the Koreans on local fields and markets, are familiar with Korean salads. And it’s good! Kitchen – the first stage of cognition of the people. The second is the art through which the soul is known, – with these words opened the national exhibition of Korean art the Korean Diaspora in Volgograd Peter Kim.

The exhibition, which opened in the exhibition hall on Chuikov 37, presents hand embroidery and traditional Korean painting, paintings of sea shells, porcelain vases, Souvenirs from bird feathers, natural materials – grasses and leaves. Subjects, sizes and techniques of the exhibits.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is devoted to the embroidery, which is one of the main types of national art. “Drawing threads” reflects the aesthetic features and the subtlety of perception of Korean women.

– That women, being more subtle and patient than men, since ancient times have created and developed original techniques of embroidery, – has told to the correspondent “Week” Deputy Director of the Main exhibition Department of the DPRK Mr. Kim Chui Ho. Today their hands are works of the most perfect forms.

However, the greatest interest of the visitors caused not embroidered Continue reading

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