South Korea
South Korea is a country where a rapidly developing high-tech city with amazing for the Russian ear the names are combined with hamlets and villages, where life repeats the traditional…

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Wedding traditions of the peoples of the world
Many of us, finally, having been a guest at the wedding, surprised by the variety of national wedding traditions in Ukraine – all this matchmaking, standing on the towels, masks…

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Green Tea and black

Summer is coming, weather is increasingly pleases us with sun and warmth and, therefore, very soon we will be faced with the omnipresent heat. During the heat we lose a lot of liquid, so we’d like to drink. It would seem what the problem is, drank a glass of cold water or lemonade and well. But, not all of us know and understand how it is harmful.

Drinking carbonated beverages only leads to stronger feelings of thirst. In addition, these drinks contains high content of glucose: on average, about seven pieces of sugar 300 ml. So how do you cope with the heat without harm and even with profit to their health? We will tell about it today!

Surely everyone knows that in hot, dry areas of the Sahara and Central Asia the locals drink not cold water, and, oddly enough, hot tea. And they are absolutely right! All because when we drink hot or warm drink, it expands the blood vessels, causing the sweating begins. It means a stronger body begins to release heat, and therefore will not be overheating.

In addition, tea, because of the peculiarities of the chemical composition does not show so many important salts from the body as ordinary water. Namely, due to the loss of salts in the heat, often there is dizziness, weakness, heart palpitations and headaches. Ordinary water, even though supplying H2O in the body, but also enhances Continue reading

Japan and Miyazaki birthday Ani 12. Children’s parties

So, from Ani as I always got the most complicated order. First, I know almost nothing about Japan, and secondly, almost not watched Miyazaki. And for preparation I had only one day, so we had something to look at, something to read. So I apologize in advance to scholars of Japan and fans of Miyazaki.

Birthday consisted of two parts – a purely Japanese, and cartoons.

Participants of the celebration, the birthday girl in the center.

So, part one, Japanese .

1. Choose on that day a name. I found on the web list of Japanese names with meanings, cut the notes, and the girls were pulled. Who didn’t like it, you can get more.

2. The competition “Insert word”. Offered funny phrases with Japanese words, type “a kimono-I don’t doshita”, “well, just did the Sudoku puzzle”, and had them throughout the evening vstavte in the conversation, and to place at least three times.

3. Japanese quiz. All sorts of questions about Japan, its culture, geography and so on.

4. “Polite words”. There have been several unpleasant situations, which was to come up with a phrase with a maximum number of polite words. For example, this situation “Mom woke you up to school, you got up, dressed, washed, and then discovered Continue reading