Holidays Japan
Japan — one of the most mysterious countries of the world, and may not be on Earth no such place that can match her in the field of mystery and…

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Green Tea and black
Summer is coming, weather is increasingly pleases us with sun and warmth and, therefore, very soon we will be faced with the omnipresent heat. During the heat we lose a…

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Wedding traditions of Korea

Choosing booking cheap tickets to Seoul, you can think about visiting one of the most beautiful Korean Islands – Jeju city.

Jeju island in Korea Jeju island is located in the very South of the Republic of Korea. He’s the biggest in the country and several thousand years ago it was rocked by volcanic eruptions. Now remind me 368 craters of extinct and dormant mountain is the volcano Hallasan, the height is less than 2 km away. Making a booking cheap tickets to Seoul or another Korean city, can be included in the trip visiting beautiful Jeju island. It is worth the attention of tourists, because not only the unique beauty of the scenery, the music and the number of extinct volcanoes.

The volcanoes on the island sleeping for hundreds of years, and during that time the nature and people filled lava-scorched land with thickets of juniper, Mandarin gardens, tea plantations, pine and palm groves. The green slopes of extinct craters — the unique nature reserve of rare species of plants.

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Korea, flag of Korea, the capital of Korea, information about Korea. Tour of Ukraine

South Korea

Official name: Republic of Korea

Capital: Seoul

Geography: Total area — 99 392 km2.

Population: 49 million people.

Time difference: local time plus 7 hours.

Official language: Korean

Currency: South Korean won

28 April – Buddha’s birthday

5 may – children’s Day

6 June – Day of remembrance

July 17 – Constitution Day

30 September – it’s thanksgiving – the day of the full moon, favorite holiday of the Koreans

October 6 – fireworks festival

October 9 – Hangul Day

When to go:

In the country a temperate climate. Here the summer temperature rises to +35°C. monsoon Season, the so-called carma, lasts in June-July. Autumn is the most pleasant time to travel. Winters are dry and cold, the air temperature decreases to -10°C.

South Korea is a country located in the South of the Korean Peninsula in East Asia. As the country located on a Peninsula, it has only one land border (with North Korea (DPRK)), which is located along the demilitarized zone.

Almost all of South Korea is surrounded by water, the coast line stretches for 2 kilometers 413. On the South side the country is washed by the South China Continue reading