Traditions of the peoples of the world are varied and sometimes surprising. Internet magazine for women
• Svingerstva did not originate in Western Europe, and not even in America. In Australia the tribe of arunta met to share the women. • And in the Ancient Roman…

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Japan and Miyazaki birthday Ani 12. Children's parties
So, from Ani as I always got the most complicated order. First, I know almost nothing about Japan, and secondly, almost not watched Miyazaki. And for preparation I had only…

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Wedding traditions of Korea

Choosing booking cheap tickets to Seoul, you can think about visiting one of the most beautiful Korean Islands – Jeju city.

Jeju island in Korea Jeju island is located in the very South of the Republic of Korea. He’s the biggest in the country and several thousand years ago it was rocked by volcanic eruptions. Now remind me 368 craters of extinct and dormant mountain is the volcano Hallasan, the height is less than 2 km away. Making a booking cheap tickets to Seoul or another Korean city, can be included in the trip visiting beautiful Jeju island. It is worth the attention of tourists, because not only the unique beauty of the scenery, the music and the number of extinct volcanoes.

The volcanoes on the island sleeping for hundreds of years, and during that time the nature and people filled lava-scorched land with thickets of juniper, Mandarin gardens, tea plantations, pine and palm groves. The green slopes of extinct craters — the unique nature reserve of rare species of plants.

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Japanese life: The strangest of the lots of the Yahoo! Auctions

At that time, like space ships travel through the galaxy, more and more people begin to shop without leaving home. On the Internet you can buy everything: from food to wine for cats. And, of course, a special place, on the Internet shopping is Auctions. In the US and Europe online the most popular auction is eBay and Japan Yahoo! Auctions. Digging in the vastness of this flea market, you can find many odd lots that “Expensive edition” and you will introduce:

The switch to call the total solar Eclipse (the Creator of this pixel ratio, apparently, the Lord God)

Unwashed ball of cat hair (to add a bit of willow anther and will make a fine potion of restore health).

A bronze statue of the President-founder (as well as any bust of Lenin) .

The ball Louis Vuitton (Stylish, trendy, youth. Now, who else can boast such a fashion sportinventar).

Traditional Japanese doll Kokeshi (More like an instrument of execution. Well you get the idea).

A racing cockpit out of cardboard (In such pieces, the girls from the neighbouring hostel of the agricultural College, will be yours. The main thing is the music not to forget to include).

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Eerie strangeness of Japanese culture
A hikikomori The hikikomori are young people who do not wish to communicate with the outside world. Of course, in every culture, there are a small number of people, who…


The Traditions and customs of Northern Cyprus
To feel confident in any situation, it is highly desirable to study the customs of the places with which residents have to communicate. Ignorance of the intricacies of the mentality…

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