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• Svingerstva did not originate in Western Europe, and not even in America. In Australia the tribe of arunta met to share the women.

• And in the Ancient Roman Empire sex spouses were engaged in the presence of witnesses. Roman women visited the sculpture of Prepa – Roman Lord of fertility, which was of wood, and occasionally stone phallus, with a target to have intercourse with the deity.

• At the time of the Cologne carnival in Germany is revered uncle not wrong to offer sexual services of any woman seemed.

• In hot Africa – hot sex!Group sex no novelty there. Of course, it’s all done out of good intentions to get abundant harvest.

• Uncle tribe tupinamba(Brazil)sure that the bigger male organ, the greater the probability to achieve the favor of ladies, because they provoke poisonous vipers to bite them phallus.

• In the tribe Batam(Sumatra)uncle tuck under the foreskin neglub/were very stones and metal pieces, exacerbating the power of the impact member Continue reading

Valentine’s Day. The history of the holiday

This is interesting information for children about the history and traditions of Valentine’s day celebration

This holiday came to Russia a few years ago. And now Valentine’s Day is celebrated almost as widely and happily as the New year. Valentine — little hearts-cards . sent by regular post, electronic messages and text messages, romantic gifts, declarations of love and endless kisses — here’s what the cost­give this holiday. And wonderful that this holiday is now with us.

It is believed that Valentine’s Day exists more than 16 centuries, but the festival of love known to still earlier pagan times. And in Russia was a lovers ‘ holiday. It was celebrated not in the winter, and in early summer. This holiday was associated with the legendary love story of Peter and Fevronia and dedicated Kupala-Slavic pagan God Perun son.

From the history of the holiday

We have a feast and of a particular “culprit” — the Christian priest Valentine. It was about the year 269. At the time of the Roman Empire rules the Emperor Claudius II. Belligerent Roman army had lots of soldiers for military campaigns. And the Emperor believed that the main enemy of his grandiose military plans — is married legionaries, who think Continue reading

Japanese life: The strangest of the lots of the Yahoo! Auctions

At that time, like space ships travel through the galaxy, more and more people begin to shop without leaving home. On the Internet you can buy everything: from food to wine for cats. And, of course, a special place, on the Internet shopping is Auctions. In the US and Europe online the most popular auction is eBay and Japan Yahoo! Auctions. Digging in the vastness of this flea market, you can find many odd lots that “Expensive edition” and you will introduce:

The switch to call the total solar Eclipse (the Creator of this pixel ratio, apparently, the Lord God)

Unwashed ball of cat hair (to add a bit of willow anther and will make a fine potion of restore health).

A bronze statue of the President-founder (as well as any bust of Lenin) .

The ball Louis Vuitton (Stylish, trendy, youth. Now, who else can boast such a fashion sportinventar).

Traditional Japanese doll Kokeshi (More like an instrument of execution. Well you get the idea).

A racing cockpit out of cardboard (In such pieces, the girls from the neighbouring hostel of the agricultural College, will be yours. The main thing is the music not to forget to include).

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