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Traditions of the tea ceremony in Japan
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Wedding traditions of the peoples of the world

Many of us, finally, having been a guest at the wedding, surprised by the variety of national wedding traditions in Ukraine – all this matchmaking, standing on the towels, masks and much more, from which the most bright event in the life of lovers is truly a family, rich and even more important, because due to the ancient traditions of our ancestors.

But in every country – its wedding traditions. Romantic and strange, they reveal the worldview of a whole nation – his understanding of family, love and life.

Wedding tradition, which is present in almost all cultures – young exchanged wedding gifts. Common wedding traditions of many peoples is that very often such a gift is money. For example, in Bulgaria the groom gives the bride on the wedding bag . the bride and groom – handkerchiefs. In Malaysia, wedding gift from groom to the bride is the tray with food and money hidden in figures of flowers and animals.

Often the groom is obliged to present gifts and the bride’s parents. For example, Fiji, the groom gives the bride’s father a whale tooth . as a symbol of wealth and social status.

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Wedding traditions – the Wedding of Belarus

For most people is familiar to a large the number of wedding traditions such as the bouquet toss and the cake cutting, before strewing the corn a young couple. And it seems that without these traditions the wedding is kind of not correct. But many Nations have their own unique traditions, which are transmitted and carefully protected from generation to generation.

Very many traditions have moved from ancient Rome and other cultures of antiquity.

In ancient times the wedding was attended by ten bridesmaids, and friends of the groom and bride, for that would scare the jealous evil spirits. White dress is the bride’s virginity means not, as used to think many, but the simple joy and prosperity. For centuries the white color was considered a festive color. And that’s just the veil, not the dress is white, to symbolize her chastity. And it is believed that a woman outside the man is not the first time, should not be with a veil at the wedding ceremony. The tradition of exchanging wedding ring could go from the Egyptians. Ring round shape means eternity and infinity in happiness and love between a young couple. Touching the bride and groom on their wedding day brings happiness, because on that day God bless.

We present you the most interesting facts about the tradition in some countries.

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Wedding traditions in different countries

Every wedding celebration is a memorable event for life. But wedding without traditions do not exist. Let us remember how the children showered the newlyweds with candy, that was sweet to the whole family life. When we go after an expensive wedding, we put special partitions to share your delicious and sweet. At the end of the wedding the mother in law needs to take off the veil with the bride and to wear a scarf, as proof that now she is no ordinary girl, and a married woman, and she begins a new married life. Our traditions are so common that we don’t pay attention to the symbolic significance of each of them.

As for our customs of wedding. interesting that they have positive intent. But there are countries in which, unfortunately, is not so smooth and pleasant. Wild and extraordinary traditions remind trials that the couple must undergo a mandatory. We certainly understand that each country is varied, and from the wedding celebration a special experience. Therefore other Nations enjoy their customs to amaze tourists and other countries, but also in a special way to mark such a significant event. We will consider only the most amazing traditions of other Nations.

In Scotland…

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